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ColdFusion Devcamp wrap-up

I want to take a moment and thank everyone involved with ColdFusion Devcamp.  Adobe for providing the location and personnel on the day of the event.  The companies who generously donated door prizes and covered the cost of food.  The mentors (especially the mentors) who offered to spend their day "working" the event and helping me along the way.  The attendees who took the day to come out, connect and learn.  Combined we made the event a success.

I've put out a survey to attendees asking for feedback.  I'll use this feedback to help shape future events and help others who want to host ColdFusion Devcamps.

Look forward to seeing you at the next BACFUG (Bay Area ColdFusion User Group) meeting.

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ColdFusion Resources and Parking Information for Saturday

ColdFusion 9 Resources for  DevCamp

Found these on the Adobe Developer Connection and thought I'd share them.

Some great videos about ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder

3 New UI controls in ColdFusion 9

A note about parking

The San Francisco office is located at 601 Townsend Street, at the corner of Townsend and 7th Streets. The parking structure is located next door at 609 Townsend Street. The entrance to the structure is at the rear of the building and can be accessed via the alley behind the buildings, parallel to Townsend Street. Please make sure to get your parking ticket validated at Reception before returning to the parking lot.

The garage will open at 9AM. It will be manned at first but not in the evening so you'll need to get your parking passes validated early in the day.

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I'm Going to ColdFusion DevCamp and I am bringing...

So you’re all pumped up to come to ColdFusion DevCamp but you don’t know what to bring, here is a list that can help you have a great time at camp.

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