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A few more door prizes came in this week from our sponsors. has generously donated a full year of a 30 Mbps Connection for Free!

CVSDude is providing source control for projects built at the devcamp.

PeachPit Press has donated several technology books including Adobe ColdFusion 8 Web Application Construction Kit (WACK) Volume 2 & 3.

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More give aways and SWAG

ColdFusion 9 Standard ($1,300 value) as a door prize.  ColdFusion 9 Refcardz from DZone, shirts and Fusion Authority Quarterly Update.

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More Sponsors Join the ColdFusion DevCamp

We've found some additional sponsors for the ColdFusion DevCamp.

Both roundpeg and AMD have joined as Platinum sponsors and will help cover the food costs as well as donate product/training services as raffle prizes for attendees.

Fellow user group manager Seth Duffy from Sacramento contacted his employer The Morphic Group and they too will contribute toward our food budget.  Thanks Seth!

dzone will provide printed ColdFusion reference cards (refcardz) for all the attendees.  We'll have those available when you check in so those new to ColdFusion have a primer to the syntax.

Early sponsor TechSmith sent two copies of Camtasia (one Mac and one Windows) over as a raffle prize. 

Apress books will be sending over three technoogy books as raffle prizes.

The Multimedia Group is generously donating one of their Level 1 classes in Flash, Dreamweaver or ActionScript.

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