About cfdevcamp

What is ColdFusion DevCamp?

A gathering of people passionate about learning through  collaboration.  Attendees will work in small teams to code projects  ideas from the team members or from a suggested list of projects.   This will not be a lecture style event or a traditional classroom with  a set curriculum and learning materials.  We want you to ask questions, hack away and have fun.

Saturday, November 07, 2009 from 9:30 AM - 7:30 PM

Adobe San Francisco Office
601 Townsend St
San Francisco, CA

Cost: FREE

Who is organizing ColdFusion DevCamp?

Sid Maestre 

Sid is organizing ColdFusion DevCamp.  If you have any question don'../page.cfm/contact-us">contact him. Currently, he develops web applications at Santa Clara University and does consulting through his company design over matter.  He has over 10 years ColdFusion experience and works with Flex and AIR.  In 2008, he joined Sean Corfield as the co-manager of BACFUG (Bay Area ColdFusion User Group) and became the manager in April 2009.  You can follow him on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sidneyallen

Luke Kilpatrick

Luke Kilpatrick has been building and designing leading edge web sites since 1996. Since graduating from the Digital Media Technical Production program at Seneca College, North York, Ontario in 2001. Luke has worked for companies based in Wisconsin, Illinois and California. Writing ColdFusion code for a diverse range of companies such as Kohler, Tripp-lite, Broadchoice, Design within Reach, and ODA has given Luke a well rounded view of many industries businesses. Luke is also the current manager of Fire On The Bay, an Adobe Fireworks user group as well as the Co-Manager of Photoshop Till You Drop, a Photoshop Usersgroup, both usergroups serve the San Francisco Bay Area. As the former Co-Manager for BACFUG he helped kick off the idea of CFdevCamp after the great success of the Palm predevCamp in August. When he is not coding he can usually be found surfing in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Adam Lehman

Adam Lehman is the Product Manager for ColdFusion at Adobe Systems Incorporated based out of Washington, DC. Prior to joining Adobe, Adam worked for the US Department of State and Johns Hopkins University developing enterprise applications in ColdFusion. Adam has spoken at over 100 events on topics ranging from web development to application security. You can find Adam blogging at http://www.adrocknaphobia.com or follow him on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/adrocknaphobia.

Why ColdFusion DevCamp?

Conferences are often too large, have too many great sessions and not much time for learning by doing.  User Groups meetings are often too short to make much progress coding a project and only occur once a month.  Based on the BarCamp (iPhoneDevCamp) model we spend the day coding then share what we've built. With all the new features of ColdFusion 9, I can't wait to see the results.  Who knows we might see a few SlideSix products emerge.

What kind of projects can we build?

The short answer is "What every you want", but here are some categories you could explore.  Web applications built with ColdFusion that pull in Google Maps, manipulate images, spreadsheets, PDFs or  use the many AJAX features that come with ColdFusion.  Mobile Applications built with one of the many iPhone, Palm Pre or Android compatible AJAX libraries powered by ColdFusion.  Rich Internet Applications built with Flex, Flash, AIR and ColdFusion.  Hope I've sparked some ideas for projects.  Subscribe to this blog and I'll keep posting ideas for  projects and links to related technologies.