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Project Ideas

I've been working with the 14 "mentors" for the ColdFusion DevCamp and we've come up with some ideas for projects.

Before I delve into our plans I want to emphasize that your participation is what will transform this from a good to a GREAT event.  This blog post is not meant to dictate what you can do at ColdFusion DevCamp.  We strongly encourage everyone to arrive with ideas, sketches, rough html prototypes, Flex or Flash front ends etc.  All of which can integrate with ColdFusion and bring your ideas to life.

With all that said, I am the first to admit I'm a planner.  Yes, I'm the guy who leaves for the airport 3 hours before departure.  I know the lack of structure at this event may be tough for those who prefer some guidence.  With that in mind a few mentors have volunteered to sketch out a beginner and an advanced project for the event.  They'll put together a description of how it will function, maybe some simple html files and we'll zip it and post it on www.cfdevcamp.org before the event.  This will give you a starting point.  The mentor(s) will lead small groups in building the project. 


The contact form will use the <CFFORM> and <CFINPUT> tags to create form validation automatically.  To reduce spam we'll ad a CAPTCHA image with a few lines of code.  Once the form is submitted we'll want to validate it again.  (some people turn off javascript)  Then we can send off the form content via email to you and generate an auto-reply to the person submitting the form. 

Anything else you want to add to this project?  Let us know by commenting below.


Take a group/folder of photos (and videos?) and upload to create a viewable gallery. Photos would be automatically re-sized, rotated if
needed, and thumbnails created. Depending on time/interest/number of people involved this could be expanded.

Concepts demonstrated:
-Upload (multiple?)
-cfimage (resize, rotate, Exif, etc)
-Database interactivity (ColdFusion 9 ORM)
-Security (cfqueryparam, upload, etc)

-Database creation
-File upload code
-Image manipulation code
-Database Insert, Update, Delete

Anything else you want to add to this project?  Let us know by commenting below.

Ok, now it's your turn.  Share your project ideas with other attendees in the comment form below. 

Can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Posted by Sid Maestre on 10/22/2009 at 4:40 PM | Categories: Projects -


Russ S.

Russ S. wrote on 10/22/09 10:06 PM

General ideas:
- Mentors should come up with a few more project ideas that all can be tied together somehow, which would be a useful exercise in modular coding. Plus, it would be fun to see everyone's code work together.
- Mentors could prepare some Javascript beforehand for projects like the photo gallery? A jQuery slideshow would certainly add some nice flare to a completed gallery.

Project ideas:
- Write an API with a CFC that can be accessed remotely
- Implement a remote API (maybe the API developed above? Or... Twitter, Flickr, Google, etc...)
- Write the server-side code that supports an open-source jQuery project (search-box suggestions, for example).
- Something with a focus on object-oriented Coldfusion (I bet some people are more interested in that than others)
- Rewrite some simple PHP to CF (for PHP users), showing how CF is easier, cooler, better, etc.
- Something using new CF 9 tags: cfmap, cfmediaplayer, cfmessagebox, etc
Corona Rivera

Corona Rivera wrote on 10/23/09 7:23 AM

I'd like to build a site page feedback/approval form to communicate w/clients.

And, of course, a form to build a mailing list.

I am very excited about this event,thanks for doing it!
Sid Maestre

Sid Maestre wrote on 10/29/09 7:42 PM

@Russ and @Corona

Excellent! Together you two demonstrate what is possible at this event.

Russ wants to focus on a large project that integrates several moving parts and multiple teams. Obviously this is for advanced developers or those with some programming background. Russ you are a mentor so you should contact Seth Duffy via the Mentors google group to discuss possible coordination prior to the event.

Corona has focused on a practical use of ColdFusion that will help his day to day workflow. Love it. I want people to walk away with code on their laptop they want to continue working with. Corona can you tell me more about your vision for the "Client Feedback Tracker"? It's similar to a project I've been thinking about. Can you sketch anything out in Fireworks or Photoshop. Just a wireframe to show how it will work? You can email me directly and I can summarize our conversation on the blog for others to comment on. sid@cfdevcamp.org is the best way to contact me.

Keep the ideas coming.
Sid Maestre

Sid Maestre wrote on 10/31/09 7:04 AM

I've got a few project ideas I'd like to throw out.

- Polling widget you can embed in a site. You'd need a way to create polls, and then call them from with in your page. (maybe an iframe, div or even flex). After answering the poll, show the currrent results of the poll. (cfchart?)

- Bit more ambitious would be an survey builder app. Create survey questions and then display the survey and collect the results of the survey.

Keep your ideas coming.
Matt Harris

Matt Harris wrote on 11/01/09 2:17 PM

Building on the modular idea for an app for the day my idea would be to build a basic stats system and then use flash/js to visualise the visitor data.

To make it achievable on the day keep this to data which is available in the user request object.
Sid Maestre

Sid Maestre wrote on 11/02/09 12:23 PM


Basic Stats System... sounds interesting. What kinds of stats? I'm thinking Google Analytics. What did you have in mind?

Can you sketch something out, or give some more details. I'll be happy to post it on the site for others to see.

See you on Sat!
Scott S

Scott S wrote on 11/06/09 12:15 PM

Was thinking about a project to create and send email newsletters (login to admin screen, choose template, input and style content, store data in DB (with workflow? with rev history?), preview and test, send to subscribers...

Options to do a timed send, to personalize, etc.

allan zhang

allan zhang wrote on 11/06/09 3:21 PM

A project of twitter user face wall. Let us come with 2 plans depend on time and CF functions:

Plan A: Focus on two tasks.

1. Implement a simple twitter Use API in CF
2. Build face wall based on profile image

I have no much idea about CF support in socket programming and data processing in XML and JSON. If CF is weak in these areas, we will change to plan B.

Plan B: Focus on task 2 and discard task 1. I will write a backend script to fetch twitter data and put it to database. So we only need to focus on building the face wall.

Here is my skill set and can help in the following area.
- Excellent database skills, I can do all the database related work like design and others.
- good knowledge about Twitter API document, I can work with a CF developer or some mentor guide me to implement the related user API in a quick way.

My Weakness and I wish my other team has:
- Some UI layout or design skill which is my really really bad about
- Some programming skills in CF, then we can do site together to do pair programming

Let us see how many things we can do in a day. It should be a cool day...
Sid Maestre

Sid Maestre wrote on 11/06/09 4:28 PM

@ Scott S - Excellent suggestion. Pat Santora (one of our mentors) suggested building a basic login, logout feature using coldfusion components (cfc). You should get together with him on the login feature.

@ Allan Z. Nice idea. ColdFusion eats XML for dinner. Check out the open source TwitterCFC http://twittercfc.riaforge.org/

I like the picture wall idea. Can you grab the location off the twitter profile? Then place each picture on a google map using the new <cfmap> tag. Food for thought.

Thanks for the great ideas. See you tomorrow.


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